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Kristen   BUSCH

Scientist     |     Educator     |     Museum Professional      |     Mentor          


Hello. Welcome.

          By education, I am an Andean archaeologist with strong, supporting backgrounds in zoology, botany and geology. However, between the years 2000 and 2020 I have built an accomplished career in the museum field. By most accounts now, I am more of a dedicated museum professional than I am an archaeologist, although I maintain a strong passion for archaeological work. 


          I have become a science communicator whose passion is to get people of all ages engaged in science learning and discovery through the use of museum collections. Admittedly, this puts me in a rather unique niche in the science world as well as the informal science education and environmental education world. It's sometimes a challenging intersection to navigate. And, over the last 20 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the critical thinking, fast pace, and creativity that this intersection requires to be successful

          Finally, of no consequence, but also of every consequence... I am transgender.  I am a transgender woman in science. It is important for me to be visible - especially to the generations who will follow me in the sciences, and in museums. However, and most importantly, I need to be authentic to myself, as well as to my son. As such, on the pages of this site, you will see me feature my past self as well - because it's all me. My dead name will be used.  Because this is how I am, I was Richard Busch for 38 years of my life.  I did things, achieved things, failed at things, laughed and cried at things as him. Those events, including coming out in 2018, have made me who I am today. And I own all of it. 

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